First SARM Cycle Critique


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I apologize if this isn't the right place to ask. If not, please relocate....

I have been digging & doing research about SARMs and PHs as I am looking to do my first ever cycle of something. Never used anything that would impact endogenous hormones. I want to do this as correctly and safely as possible and would like feedback.

For reference, stats are:
Age: 30
Training age: 10yrs ish
BW: 180lbs
BF: 8-10%

I am looking to run LGD for 6 weeks with a PCT for a total of 10 weeks. The plan is the following:

LDG: 10/10/15/15/15/15
Arimistane: On hand if high estrogen sides appear.
PCT(Nolva): 40/40/20/20

What I would want to know:
• Is this sufficient to put on a little mass and maintain the body fat? My ideal goal physique is 190lbs at <10% BF. I know this may not get me there but it's the dream.
• Should I buy some OTC cycle support like CEL Cycle Support? If so do I take while on the PCT as well?
• Should I use a test base to help prevent libido issues and lethargy? If so, is there a recommendation for that?
• Is the AI Arimistane from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals solid or is there something better I should be using? Should I increase the dose during PCT?
• Bloods before and at the very least post PCT will be done. Outside Test levels and CMP is there something else I should get done?

Thanks for any input.


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