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I'm planning to run a cycle in a few weeks but I'm not quite sure what as there are so many options.
One goal of the cycle is to gain back around 10lbs I lost during a phase with very little training. Then again I'm looking for that little pumped/shredded look while ON.
I am 23 years old and did run 9 weeks Epistane at 10-20mg before so I ran something really mild but I'm not a complete Newbie and my cycle was rather long and without oncyclesupport. Well I did experience some sides as really high Bloodpressure and pretty heavy lethargy from around week 3.

Thats the reason I want to run something that adds more of a feelgood factor or better said a stack.
As I had the bloodpressure Issues I will run GW OnCycle and during PCT. Now there are a few stacks or Compounds I'm interested in and I want to know what you think of them or how my thoughts on them apply or don't apply.

First of all I will run Arimacare Pro during the duration of the Cycle and hopefully my Sup3r PCT arrives in time to add it to either Tamox, Clomid or both wich I have already on hand.
I'm doing quite a bit of Cardio-realated sports like Tae Kwon Do, Thai-Kick-Boxing and Biking. But I will train at least 5 times a week with weights OnCycle for the first 4 weeks as I will have some time on hand. Later I won't be able to do as much but will do some calisthetics every day and have some really extensive Cardio-sessions.

So first of all I'm somehow interested in Ostarine as it is quite mild and seems to add a little on the performnce and be good for the joints wich might allow to train a little more. Then again it doesn't seem to add a real feelgood-factor and I guess it might be too mild to gain alle the pounds back. I would probably be running it for 12weeks.

Methylclostebol seems to be a little too mild to, but then again I read it adds to the endurance quite well wich would be a huge plus. would probably run 75mg for 8weeks.

Then theres a stack that interests me for quite some time. Epitreno by GoldStarlabs wich contains 12,5mg Epistane, 25mg Trenavar and 200mg Stanodrol per cap. I would be running it at 3 caps a day for 8 weeks. I think the stack would yield good results but I'm a little worried about Gyno-flareup (got some from puberty) from Trenavar and I'm worried about the joints as Arimacare contains some Antiestrogens too.

Then there is a stack of Epistane (12,5mg) and M1,4-ADD (35mg) wich I would be running at 3 caps for 8 weeks too. With that I'm a little worried about Gyno since M1,4-ADD aromatizes but I hope ArimacarePro would be enough to take care of that. From what I've read M1,4-ADD ist quite good for the mood and the gains should be enough. But in the End I'm not quite sure what my liver will say to the combination for so long.

At last there are Methylstenbolone and Dimethadrol- maybe as Stenadrol from OL or as Nano-Mithras and/or Nanodrol. As these are quite strong compounds I would par them with RAD in the hope it protecs a little from the androgenic sides. I would be running the single compound or Stack for 3-4weeks but I guess that should be enough to gain some pounds.
I read Dimethadrol would yield some feelgoodfactor and the short cycle duration is somehow nice.

In the end I'm really interested in Tr3st too, but it I'm really really worried about the estrogen sides. Then again the possible neuroprotective side of it makes it really interesting.

After the SERM I would jump on Driven Sports Triazole and taper that down slowly.

So what do you think might be best?
I'm also open to other suggestions but the listed compunds are quite easy to obtain and to costs I could afford for the cycles mentioned. I won't be pinning something and will not purchase the good old steroids or pharma-AIs.

EDIT: I should add I'm really far from my natural limit and around 10-15% KFA.


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I usually feelgood on cycle :)

Dimethabold and dianodrol and diabolix come to mind. Sounds a bit like dianabol hey?

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