Fall/Winter Test E & Anavar recomp cutting cycle that was supposed to be done in Summer with high reps low weight


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I was supposed to do a 12 week 500mg test E cycle with Anavar for 4-6 weeks 30-50mg daily this Summer in July but I postponed it.

The goal for this cycle was to do a cutting body recomp; I no longer want my huge biceps and untoned large arms that I worked hard for 365 days a week where I loved lifting heavy naturally since I was 22. I am trying to achieve a super lean basketball players physique with cut shoulders (defined medial deltoids)

I am 32 and already very lean and muscular (5”10 at 163 lbs 13% bf) with a 6 pack and usually visible bicep veins. All I majorly did my entire 10 years of lifting was squats, bench, and deadlifts. Now I am focusing on training high intensity reps/low weights, calisthenics, accessory exercises, and lots of gym equipment (low weight high reps) and tons of lateral shoulder raises and band exercises. I’ve also incorporated running 3 miles every other day in 20 minutes.

I’ve been doing this for about 6 months now but know that if I use gear I’ll achieve those results quicker, but don’t want to put on any mass. I loved how Anavar made me so vascular, and ever since it did I always had a even more stricter diet so my vascularity hasn’t changed much.

For the past two summers I’ve done test E cycles and last year was my first experience with anavar.
It’s going to be cold and rainy in 2 months here in the PNW so I was thinking of reducing my 12 week cycle to 10 weeks and reducing the dose of the var since I’m already vascular but lost some visibility of veins due to the hardcore diet I stopped following and depression with death in the family. I feel like if I do this cycle it will help me get back to my old mentality and continue on and let go of the depression.

I noticed this summer my body was used to having all that high test from the last 2 summers. I figured it was best to postpone the cycle due to the pandemic and wouldn’t be worth it. I am going back to college with the GI bill and last year I had a bunch of college girls swooning over me all the time it was crazy.

Basically would a 8-10 week test e 500mg cycle with a 4 week 30-50 mg Anavar run be worth it this winter?

I’ve seen a lot of cycles that use lower amount of Test E per week and a moderate dose of Anavar but never understood those despite researching them, because I read that the gold standard for a test E cycle is 500mg per week for 8-12 weeks. My test levels are naturally pretty high so I think 250mg a week of test E wouldn’t do much.

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