Exhaustive Info About Safest SARMS to Take?


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Hi Everyone,

I am here in China. It is perfectly legal for a chemist to make any product and sell it on Alibaba. I have even seen DNP, etc. sold freely.

I am now interested in SARMS.

I have poor bodybuilding genetics. When I try to trim down, I lose glycogen, muscle size, energy, etc.

The only thing that helps was pro-hormones such as the real Halodrol-50 (back when they were legal), and TRT or low-dose oxandrolone. Even 10mg of Oxandrolone gives me roid rage and mental agitation, and TRT causes moodiness.

My goal is to get something to help me cut down, push the weights and cardio hard, but not lose muscle mass and energy as usually happens.

1. At the least, I could use some exhaustive study on SARMs. My guess is Ostarine is the most well-studied and safest, when done as directed?

2. In regards to price, here is what I see from many sites in China:

Nutrobal (MK-677) 25mg/ml; $35 USD
Anabolicum (LGD-4033) 10mg/ml; $20 USD
Andarine (S-4) 50mg/ml; $25 USD
Ostarine (MK-2866) 50mg/ml; $25 USD
Cardarine (GW-501516) 20mg/ml; $25 USD
Stenabolic (SR9009) 20mg/ml; $25 USD
Testolone (RAD-140) 10mg/ml
YK-11 10mg/ml

Each dose is given per ml. Each bottle has 30ml total. I am guessing they take what users usually do per day and put that in a ml. Then, with 30ml total, each of these bottles is predicted to last one month.

3. From my rudimentary reading, my guess is a combination Ostarine + Cardarine for a 12 week cycle, four weeks off, would be best?

The Ostarine would help preserve muscle, the Cardarine helps me do hours of cardio each and every day and not get worn down?

4. Would there be any synergistically negative effects?

For example, remember Fen-Phen? They were fine separately, but together they were disastrous.

5. As far as chemists in China, how does the manufacturing process work?

They can provide HPLC certificates, etc., but how can we trust?

If this was something like vitamin C or creatine monohydrate, I know that if the stuff was bad, it would not be terrible. But, what about this stuff? Is there a chance of very real problems?

(I ask because I am anxious about ordering Ostarine and getting something toxic like DNP instead).

6. The real thing I need are experts with exhaustive information about what is the safe way to do this. Any research citations, etc. are appreciated.


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