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Welp, it's been a while since I have posted on a forum, much less this forum in particular. This is super long overdue, but better late than never.


I have been through roughly 3-4 bottles of topmuscle off and on and my ex girlfriend used half, rather than go through the format of a typical review, I think it's easiest to just describe flat out what it did for us and what you could possibly expect.

For some background, TopMuscle is one of Matt's more recent additions to his line of topical products. I have used tons of bottles of the rest of the line, topical and oral supplements, but I would put TopMuscle as one of my favorites if not the favorite of everything he has. I have been off and on a lot recently with lifting, but I still overall have a good amount of muscle and strength. With that said, anything that makes me come back easier when I do go hard is something I like to use and I would put this as a staple product for that purpose as well.

I went in using this cold, and even more so my ex. Our first workouts I told her to put a couple of pumps on x or y muscle, and then we will lift. I didn't tell her what to expect, I didn't tell her what it theoretically could do, just put it on and go. She as a result had the exact same experience I had.

1) INSANE pumps (believe it or not, its comparable to that which must not be named, and there is no otc supp that comes close to this)
2) Fullness/hardness in muscles all day
3) As a consequence helps with mind muscle connection to a ridiculous degree

It's difficult for me to describe, but for people who have delved into certain "supplements" there is a type of pump that comes from them that is a lot different than pumps that come from citrulline or nitrates or anything along those lines. There also is a sort of hardness/density that develops that even if you are on low carb or depleted, you can still have a solid pump. Visually this is also different than a blood pump, blood bumps engorge the muscle like a balloon water carbs etc also help with that. But the pump I am talking about is again more of a "pop". TopMuscle causes these type pumps, not pump product type pumps.

Say what you will, but I think that pumps as a whole do have an indirect effect on muscle growth and for sure do when it comes to fat loss (obvi if you can enhance blood flow to X or Y area, then theoretically that will facilitate fat loss, even if by small amts). I am super inconsistent now when it comes to lifting, but I can almost guarantee that someone who goes through a few bottles consistently and trains hard, putting this on lagging body parts especially, will see a pretty big improvement in that muscle compared to doing it cold. This also applies to areas with more fat, I am willing to bet you'd have more fat loss in that area long term than without.

Regarding my ex's thoughts, like I said earlier, I did not tell her what to expect. Every workout she would after a literal 2 or 3 sets she would say "I can't move my shoulders now" or "I can barely walk because my legs are so pumped". She was a believer and also is not someone who uses many supplements. So for her to say this, I do think that says a lot as to the magnitude of how strong this topical actually is.

I wouldn't describe this as a pump product, I'd say it is a genuine "muscle building" product that unlike most natural supplements, I am pretty confident it will actually lead to substantial results overtime compared to 99 percent if not all other OTC supps that currently exist.

If there is anything in the EvoMuse line that you should try, I recommend you try this.

As always, Matt has come out with another solid product and I would be curious if this could still be made better somehow.


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did you use it only pre workout or did you use after also on the muscles group you did workout that day?

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