Epiandrosterone/11-Ketotestosterone Cycle Thoughts?


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Hey Guys/Gals

Looking for some thoughts/input on my PH cycle from some seasoned pro's?

Age: 27
Current Weight: 194LB
Height: 6.0'
BF: 14%-16%. Depending on Test. Last my doctor checked I was at 184 and 13.5% BF in Oct. 2017. Got in ATV crash and out for 8 weeks gained about 10 pounds throughout holidays and being out of commission.

Lifestyle/Diet- Maintannce for current lifestyle according to my nutrition/specialist and current lifestyle with work is roughly 2,000 calories per day. Will be more or less on 1200-1500 per day all cycle. Obviously there will be random days I go over or under on calories, but 85% of time, calories will stay in that range
1) Intermittent Fasting: Fast 16-20 hours usually 5-7 days a week depending on routines and lifestyle.
2) I usually eat a Ketogenic Style diet more or less for about 85% of my life currently . moderate protein and healthy fats (MCT Oil, Avacado and Olive oils, Macadamia Nuts, Pecans,Etc) and very low net carbs. Would say macros are more or less 40% Protein, 40% Fat and 20% Carbs of which mostly come from vegetables. I cheat on the weekend moderately a few times a month.

1) Full Body weightlifting workouts 2X's a week utilizing mainly fast pace super set protocol. Lifts will encompass Deadlift, Barbell Shrugs, Various Bench, Pull-Ups, Various Abs and Jumpropes in between sets.
2) Will be doing 45 minutes to one hour of moderate cardio on none weightlifting days along with atleast one day of isolated muscle workouts to really hone in on certain muscles.
3) On weightlifting days, I will also be riding my bike to and from the gym for a total of 4 miles round trip.

PH Stack- 8 week cycle
1) Spartan Lean V2 by Sparta Nutrition. Taking 2 pills a day spread out.
Profile Per pill: 150mg Epiandrosterone, 150mg 7-Keto DHEA & 100mcg of T2

2) Nutraceutical Innovations: 11-KT.
Taking 2 pills a day spread out.
Profile Per Pill: 100mg 11-Ketotestosterone
With advanced abosorbtion technology.

3) Assault Nano: Nano Genin - Nano Absorb Technology + Laxogenin. nano-genin-by-assault-nano-series.
Will start taking this half way through my cycle starting week 4 and continuing through the end of my PCT on week 12. So will be on for a total of 8 weeks.

Support Supplemants- HealthForce dot com for nutricoan profile. Basically best of Best on all fronts.
1) HealthForce Nutritions: Vitamineral Green
2) HealthForce Nutritions: Vitamineral Earth
3) HealthForce Nutritions: Antioxidant Extreme
4) Rosita: Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil
5) Ancient Nutrition: Bone Broth Protein with Tumeric.
6) Muscle Feast: Grass Fed Whey Protein Islolate -Unflavored
7) Pre-Workout, Intra Workout, BCAA and EAA
8) Men's Callogen Supplement

1) Megathom: Natural PCT
2) Barlow's Herbal Elixirs: 7,8 Benzoflavone, Trans-Resveratrol, Phosphatidylserine.
3) 1500 MG of high bioavailable Trans-Resveratrol daily.
4) Botanical Craft: Palm Fruit - stronger than the originally Taco 8 test booster by Primordial Performance AKA the founders of the killer Sustain Alpha. lt works synergistically with 7,8 Benzo. Has very high doses of tocotrienols and carotenoids.
5) Assault Nano: Nano Genin - Nano Absorb Technology + Laxogenin. Am starting this on week 4 of cycle and all through end of PCT.
6) Have SERM on hand if needed. Will most likely take for 10 days post PCT just to clear out any extra estrogen in body left over from cycle.

1) Looking to gain some Strength / LBM/Muscle. Five or so pounds would be nice.
2) Really looking to lose a fair amount of Bodyfat, tighten and tone up. Losing 3%-5% bodyfat and few inches around waist/mid-section would be just dandy. :)
3) Recomping. Muscle gained and fat/ inches lost.

1) What is anyone's/everyone's overal thoughts with my cycle/regimen? Do you think my overal goals and %'S of fat loss and muscle gain and some strength are realistic?

Looking forward to hearing from y'all.




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Hey bro,

The epiandro is way underdosed if I understand your cycle correctly......

Around 700mg pd is the normal minimum dose suggest with most finding around 1,000 to be the sweet spot (I’ve tried 700 and 1,200 but 1,000 was ideal). I’d also suggest dosing most of it pre workout....

I’ve not run your other compounds so can’t comment but IMO with that nutrition, you’ll maintain mass (rather than gain much), lose bf (at the levels you want) and achieve a harder leaner look. You might get some strength gains (rather than size).

I’d also run the serm rather than just have on hand........4 weeks of clomid or nolva at moderate doses (25 for clomid, 20-10 for nolva) would see you right.