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Hi all,

First of all a quick introduction I’m 34 been training 8 years, have used the stronger stuff years ago, only orals eg Dianabol and in more recent years just some weaker prohormones.
Epistane I didn’t like, weird sides (made me anxious to the point I couldn’t think straight)
Ostarine, MK677, Halodrol have all been nice to me, had some nice runs with the weaker ones and got some pretty decent lean gains with virtually no sides.

I have run epi andro before at 300mg a day for 4 weeks with no pct as per the advice on the website I purchased it from (German Pharma).
I got some real good strength gains particularly if one dose was taken PWO, dropped some fat and held almost no water on me with no sides except some lethargy.

I’m about to run another cycle for 50 days straight at 300-400mg and plan to use Nolvadren XT (old formula).

My question is with epi-andro being a DHT prohormone and the addition of DHEA in my PCT am I likely to run into problems, I’m thinking along the lines of prostate and blood pressure....not worried about going bald once it’s already happened!!

I could get some cycle support but anything that contains a DHT blocking ingredient kinda makes the cycle pointless....

What’s your thoughts?

Ps no bashing, I am fully aware Epi andro is weak and there are MUCH stronger things I could take.....


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