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Current cycle is:

6iu HGH/day
585mg Test E/wk
467mg Deca/wk
20mg Var/day

I was going to move the Var up to 40mg and finally 60mg if I am tolerating the dose. Then switching to Winny for the final eight weeks. I'm now thinking of staying at 20mg Var and putting Winny on top of it instead of ending the Var.

I'd like to be dried out by the end of the cycle, but want to keep as much mass as possible. This is a recomp. I came into the cycle on a cut, which was quite successful, but I'm nowhere near where I'd like to be!

I've done a bit of searching for straight Winny cycles vs stacking Winny with Var and I think the stack is more what I'm looking for? Anybody have experience stacking these two orals or know which would work better for my goals?
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