Do pheromones have any relation to testosterone?


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Do pheromones have any relation to PH/AAS either?

Like if I use pheromones and get tested will I be positive for certain substances?

Do pheromones attach to the androgen receptor or how does it work.


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Testosterone is generally regarded as the male hormone and is the most important muscle building hormone in your body. It is the level of this amazing hormone that determines how much and big your muscles can grow.

Other benefits of having a high level of testosterone are :-

a) Increasing your muscle size and strength.

b) Help to lose body fat

c) Increase libido and hardness

d) Decrease levels of "bad" cholesterol

e) Increase production of pheromones, your natural sexual attraction chemical

So start to produce your natural testosterone for muscle gain and at the same time raise your pheromones level to be sexually attractive

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