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I’m wondering if anyone has any experience using both tren and deca at the same time but at low dosages. I’m trying to bulk and deca is great for me with it but it makes me lethargic and gloomy and just overall dull around 300mg or more. Tren is very effective at low doses for me and I’ve put on good weight and had lots of energy and overall enthusiasm using 200-300mg weekSo I’m thinking of maybe trying:

500mg test
200mg deca
200mg tren

25 Years old
225 lbs
10% bf
GOALS: 245lbs at 11-12% BF
(I realize I probably won’t make this goal with this cycle alone)

Been lifting for years and years, around 10.
Started cycling around 20 and b/c at 22. I cruise at 150mg test E / week. I’ve currently ramped my test up to begin a blast. Went to 300/wk 2 weeks ago and pinned 500 last night. Currently doing Stan Effording’s Vertical diet.
I wish I could use EQ but the anxiety it gives me is NOT psychosomatic. It’s 100% real and it sucks. So I’m looking for a long decent bulk without being completely waterlogged and sloppy.


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This can be effective for sure, a low dose of deca along with a dose of tren can be extremely effective as the deca will keep your joints limber and the tren will do what only tren can do. Stick with b6 p5p for prolactin control and you'll be fine.

My only concern here is you can't run tren forever, it's incredibly neurotoxic and can nuke your liver and kidneys with enough long term use, so I always recommend folks save it for their cut. Ultimately, your diet is going to prevent you from being waterlogged if you legitimately eat clean, none of these compounds force you to retain water.

That said one thing you can consider is adding a little masteron, this will allow you to keep water off and reduce AI dose while keeping the estrogenic effects of testosterone down.

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