Cruising, blasting, recomp diet advice and any tips from cruising gurus



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1) general
2) results and caloric guidance request
3) cruising plans and potential options for blasts
4) low dose test moderate tren
5) orals Available for kick starts

1) Lots of people say time on = time off. I'm just fishing to see what the general consensus is. What are you all using as protocol or have used as protocol in the past. I'm coming off a 10wk blast of test e @500mg a week ramping up to 750mg wk6-10 it was kick start with 5 weeks of DMZ. My diet and training protocol was based around recomp goals. Over the past 2 years I made it a point to put on size. Bulked up to 235lbs 24% bf. I'm 5'11" 220lbs now dropped 8% body fat from 24% to 16% and went down 15lbs.

2) I am mad at myself for my results. I wish I had put on more size. But I blame that in part to my diet being a little too low calorically. I typically cut at 2500-2900 calories. However I had never cut while on anything before. So I don't know if that may have made my body try to hold onto excess fat and prevent muscle growth due to my body being in a environment where it thinks I'm starving. I don't have much direction as far as how much calorie intake changes on or off gear. So if anyone has any solid advice or even a rule of thumb I can't seem to find any worthwhile suggestions from my forum searches.

3) Also, I'm cruising at 200mg a week. I am not sure how long to cruise. I have read and seen so many things. I am considering 40-50days or even 90 days of cruising between blasts.

4) I am considering making one of my blasts test e 200mg a week and tren e 300mg a week. I have read on several forums where people used low test high tren with great results. And with me having never used tren before I think it would be worthwhile to see if I can get any results. Less can be more too. So before anyone starts telling me it won't be high enough dosages. Please understand that am fully prepared to go up as need be. However if I can gain on the low I'm going to do it!

5) superdrol, DMZ, halodrol, epistane

Thank you to anyone that takes the time to read this and respond to it. I really hope I put it in the right section.

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