Crazy workout for old fool trying to get back into shape


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First, let me say i am new to posting in the forum as well as keeping any type of online log (this is my first online log). I am in my mid 40's and have not worked out in almost two years. In other words, really out of shape; but also have a lot of prior experience (which can be a detriment as we all like to to go back to where we left off; but i am not trying to do this). Today was my first workout. I am following a 4 day split consisting of:

day 1 Legs

day 2 Back/chest

day 3 shoulders /tri's/deadlifts/abs

day 4 biceps/forearms/abs

Today i did legs:

Squat: 90 pounds/8 reps - 4 sets

Leg press 180/8 reps - 3 sets

Leg Curl: 35 pounds - 4 sets

calves - 5 sets on leg press/and standing

I took about a 2 minute break in between each set. I supersetted some leg press/squats and calves/leg curl but not all. I could really feel the squats in some parts in back of the legs; definitely would not want to go heavier than this for a while or at least until i am through my adaptation phase as i think i could get an injury on this if i push to hard. I really tried not to push myself that hard (meaning not to complete failure). My legs were definitely running out of steam towards the end when squatting/leg pressing; but my overall energy was high (in other words, i did not feel overall exhaustion after the workout).

Overall, it was a good workout and dont feel that sore yet and almost think that i could of pushed myself further but think i did the right thing of going easy in the beginning - I suspicion that I will feel really sore in about 2 days because of how out of shape i am --- i guess we will see. tomorrow i do chest


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I agree on the muscle memory kicking in at somepoint. In someways i think i have to watch this with some exercises as i wonder if muscle memory can sometimes lead to an injury as you might be able to lift more wieght than you should when starting. For now, i am deliberately going light; but am still trying to go heavy enough without risking injury. My main problem is I am really out of shape and an injury would be real easy to get if i push to hard as far as going to heavy; but in the end; going heavy is more important than building mass. I think i can get away with volume right now without injury risk provided i keep it light as far as wieght; but heavy right now even if only for one set might cause an injury. We will have to see if i can keep this mental attitude as i tend to want to always go on the heavy side.

Today i did chest and back. I performed:

4 sets of flat bench presses (at 135 pounds)
supersetted with 3 sets of flat flys

3 sets of incline bench presses at 95 pounds supersetted with 3 sets incline flys

4 sets of cable rows at 90 pounds

3 sets of pull downs/behind the neck at 90 pounds

i had planned to do more sets than this on both chest and back but my chest/back started to get tired not being able to do that many reps. Also, for some reason, this workout felt a lot more cardio intense than my leg day which is strange; but maybe i wasnt taking enough rest between sets (i also started doing a lot more supersets than those listed above - I think it may have been to much as i was alternating bench, rows, and flys for a while as a triset. Both of these are large muscle groups and could of been i pushed to much with the supersets/trisets. I Think i might calm down a little bit with the superset/triset. This is my old training way coming into play before i am ready ( i always like doing a lot of supersets; particularly of different or opposite body parts.

My legs are not as sore as I thought they would be; but they are sore; but its a good type of sore. I wasnt sure what to expect; but thought they might get really sore and stiff (if you know what i mean - where you can barely walk). But this is not case.

At any rate, I was sort of disappointed with this workout as i seemed to run out of steam before i reached my objective;

The next workout is shoulders/triceps/abs.

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