Coming off an injury, how to get my old strength back..


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So after my labral tear surgery it took almost 1.5-2 years to be able to fully lift again.

So id say in May i started back with no issues since then im back up to 145lbs from 132lbs. I was 150 pre surgery so almost back there.

My upper body is about 80-90% back to old strength, but my lower body is only like 50%. I have not neglected them if anything ive been doing more exercises like deads, front squats, swings.. ect.

ie. noteable exercises -------- used to do
db row 110lb -5 reps -------120lb 7 reps
chest press 80lb- 6 reps -------60lb!! 6 reps
lat pulldown 180lb- 5 reps ---- 150lb 6 reps
squat 220lb- 6 reps --------315lb 6 reps
dead 200lb- 6 reps ---
leg press 450lb - 8 reps------ 630lb 8 reps
skullcrusher 100lb- 6 reps ------ 110lb 8 reps
ez curl bis 80 lb- 6 reps -----90lb 6 reps
pullups 19 reps-------- 24 reps
pushups 47 reps------ 55 reps

So as you can see my legs are lagging behind, and im just curious as to what it could be, i have stopped using machine exercises for legs, thats really the only thing ive changed post surgery. I pride myself on form im a PT with specialties in corrective exercise.

Ive been doing everything once per week then throwing it a cross training workout here and there, the next 2 weeks im doing all crossfit-esq workouts in prep for a diet change in 2 weeks and hitting it heavy again.

Any suggestions?


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