Combining AIs + AI Dosing Questions


I am currently prescribed exemestane as part of my TRT protocol. I used to be on anastrozole but switched after hearing good things about exemestane. I have a bit of anastrozole left over (as well as a refill).

Would it be acceptable for my upcoming blast to continue taking my regular dosage of exemestane (25mg/week) and simply adding the anastrozole on top of that? Exemestane is a bit pricey, and I do not like to see anything go to waste.

Also, if I am currently on 120mg/week testosterone enanthate and 25mg/week exemestane, how much additional exemestane (or anastrozole if I take the route mentioned above) should I take if I blast with 500mg/week testosterone? I see recommendations for 50mg/week exemstane, but that seems like a general recommendation, whereas I know my estradiol levels on my current regimen (~20pg/mol).

Thanks in advance.

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