Combine 19NOR + Insulin Mimetics


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What are your guys thoughts on mixing 19 Nor with an insulin mimetic (berberine, cinnamon, C3G, Chromium, etc) ?

Couldn't this allow you to push more carbs and favor lean gains? Or too much on the liver?


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Don't really know where 19-Nor plays into the effectiveness of Glucose Disposal Agents (GDA)...

19-Nor would increase protein synthesis while GDA's generally either act like insulin and carry nutrients, cause insulin to spike or linger longer in the blood which would lower BG (Vanadyl Sulfate) or increase insulin sensitivity (Cinnamon and Berberine) which allows the body to use less insulin and deliver more glucose disposal, allowing the average BG levels to drop substantially and thus burn more fat and build more muscle in the process.

GDA's will not have a negative effect on the liver. A methylated steroid would over time but not GDA's. You should run GDA's with anabolics - I would have thought that was obvious. Even better is actual insulin, as it works more consistently and produces better results in lowering blood sugar but regardless, any time we make insulin more effective or lower BG while on anabolic compounds, the better the results will be.

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