Coach Rob Regish Loaded Stretching/Kaatsu for calves



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Ive been reading the Fast Muscle Building Book by Coach Rob Regish. One of his tips in it is loaded stretches combined with Kaatsu (blood flow restricted training) for calves.

He writes:

"We’re going to use two movements: The standing calf raise and the seated
calf raise (the latter used to stretch the muscle only). By combining both
techniques, I’ve found you only need to perform this workout once a week,
twice a week max—and you’ll achieve outstanding results!
First, before you get going—place a band just below each knee. The Nike or
Under Armour arm band works for most guys, but I’ve found an ACE
bandage or elbow sleeve folded over works in a pinch.

Once you’ve occluded the muscle, set the weight on the standing calf raise to
where you can comfortably get 25 or so reps.

Immediately after performing this set, hop on the seated calf raise with
roughly half the weight you use on standing calf raises, and stretch the
muscle for 30 seconds.

Now, rest 30 seconds and repeat four times your frst workout, ultimately
building up to 6–10 sets with progressively heavier weights in the stretch
position only. What you’ll find is that the frst set of standing calf raises/
stretches isn’t so bad, the second set gets uncomfortable and from the third
set on, it gets intense. You should be feeling a pronounced burn during those
standing calf raises, and your reps will naturally drop from set to set.

Here’s how you’ll know when to “cut it”—your reps drop to 15 or under. A
drop of 10 reps or more signifes you’ve delivered the goods.

As you progress from session to session though, you’ll fnd your work capacity
increasing. Meaning you’ll be able to perform more total sets before dropping
to 15 reps or under. Tis is a sure sign the muscle is growing, and you should
take starting calf measurements to verify—every three weeks thereafter."

Now ive done BFR training before but ive never seen or heard of this protocol. Have anyone tried it or know if its viable? Im going to add it in to my workouts. I have 2 days a week where i do active rest and ill add this in to one or both of them to see if it helps any.

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