CJC DAC + MK677 + Ipamorelin


Hey guys so I have all 3 at the moment.. I'm debating on doing all 3 as a stack.. I read that Ipamorelin + CJC doesn't have the same bad effects on your insulin that CJC + MK would.. that it's generally a safer combo between the three. With that being said what about doing all 3 at lower doses then higher does of 2 combined.. Not sure if I read it completely correctly, but I combined Ipamorelin with CJC + MK, that it could combat the negatives of the two?

Can anyone with experience chime in, if I was to do CJC + Ipa, what is my dosage looking like for body building, do I need 5MG CJC per week? Whats the dosing for CJC + MK, and what would the dosing be if it was all 3? I read lot of mixed stuff.. some say CJC 1-2mg a week is fine, others say it has to be 5MG.

Just a bit confused where I should go, and finally how long can such cycles be run for.. I read another who said, do MK + CJC and then run ipamorelin by itself after cycle? What do you guys think?

And finally comparing these stacks to HGH, do these peptide combos offer more benefits at all vs HGH, or does HGH offer everything these peptides do and more?


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Good question,one I could answer is running CJC @ 5mgs weekly is better than 1-2 mgs. It will get quite expensive tho at 5mgs. Depending on how long you plan to run it at that higher end dosage you just might be better off going with the real deal(GH)

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