Can you mix AAS with SARMS and add stuff mid-cycle?


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I’m currently in week 3 of an epi-andro + androsterone + DHEA cycle and just got a free bottle of LGD 4033 with my supps order (morally questionable but here we are) and I have a few questions. I’m wondering both in general and in this specific case.

1. Can you mix AAS with SARMs?

2. What are the pros and cons of adding new compounds mid-way through a cycle? If I were to do that would I need to change anything else like say my PCT plans?

3. I’ve been thinking about extending this cycle to being 10 weeks in length. Would this be a bad idea if I added the LGD in today or even if I didn’t?

4. If you were me, would you add in the LGD? If so, how badly suppressed do you think I’ll be after and is there anything else that I should/must consider?
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1. Yes
2. More gains and possibly more side effects. Pct should be clomid,enclomiphene, or nolvadex either way.
3. I would go at minimum 10 and 12 would be better. If it's your first cycle it's probably better To add it on the next one although epi Andro alone might not do much unless it's ran pretty high. You should list cycle, doses, and pct so people can better help you.
4 Lgd will supress you far more then epi Andro . Although anything that's going to pack on a deicent amount of muscle is going to supress you and that is what pct is for.

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