Can Anyone Definitively Prove Protein Needs for Active People?


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Hi Everyone,

I see some people read a lot, and give opinions.

Is there any single guide that tells us our protein needs.

I see many mixed messages:

1. Traditional bodybuilding meatheads always speak of more protein.

In fact, even educated people like Will Brink speak about eating up to 2 grams per kilogram of bodyweight has no adverse effects.

2. Conversely, there seems to be contrarian advice of some people who believe that:

a. Plant proteins are okay, but animal proteins are toxic
b. Protein needs are only about 55 grams per day
c. Veganism, vegetarian etc. diets are superior.

I agree, this is the other extreme.

3. In truth, once data is analyzed, the answer seems to lie somewhere in the middle:

- 1 gram per pound of bodyweight seems like a good amount, without risking deficiency or excess
- Plant proteins are healthier than animal proteins, but whey protein isolate, egg whites, etc. are still good
- The amino acid pool lasts a day, so complementary proteins really do have value

4. Any definitive research to get answers?

5. Even though bodybuilder's fear protein deficiency, are there any real answers to see if someone is protein deficient, rather than calorie deficient?


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Yes, this is all extreme. I think in this matter, you need to listen to your body and how you feel first of all. You can try different variations of protein consumption and decide for yourself which consumption is most effective for you, and most importantly it should not harm health
By the way, you can read my dissertation on Nutritiology and other topics here subject of nutrition always requires a scientific approach. It is better to study quality and proven materials.
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animal proteins are better than plant proteins usually.

it's more bio available and if you eat whole foods you will require less calories to meet your protein needs.

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