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I just completed a log of BuildFastFormula VasoBLITZ on another site. Here were my final thoughts from that log:

• Endurance benefits will be seen in first workout.
• Benefits definitely build over time and reach their peak at 2 weeks.
• Best pumps are felt at 2 week mark. Pumps will be noticeable in warmups. Also after 2 weeks, your muscles will feel fuller well after your workout.
• I experienced great pumps even training fasted. I just made sure I had a large bedtime snack the night before.
• With VasoBLITZ, allow for good warmups to really get the blood into the muscles
• Pumps allow for a great mind muscle connection since you can really feel the muscle working.
• I experienced slight strength benefits. Note that I wasn’t consciously eating in a calorie surplus to gain mass. Most of my performance increases where seen in sets 2,3, and 4 due to enhanced recovery and endurance
• With the enhanced recovery and endurance, I normally experienced a “freshness” feeling in the second half of my workouts that helped add some good euphoria.
• VasoBLITZ will really help with intense workouts where you are doing supersets, drops sets, and short rest periods. It will make workouts with normal straight sets and longer rest periods feel like a breeze.
• Many times I got the feeling where I did not want to stop with a set and wanted to push past muscle failure with cheat reps and partial reps especially with single joint exercises.
• VasoBLITZ is great for cardio too. The freshness feeling really comes into play during longer runs.

I don't have a lot of experience with pump products. But after you let the nitrates build up after 1-2 weeks, you will definitely blow up during your workout. Directions say to take it everyday. The performance increases in the second half of workouts are undeniable. You'll be able to finish your workouts strong. I wouldn't necessarily position this supplement as a pump pre. It's an all around performance enhancer. And the other small details - it mixed fine and Watermelon was very light and refreshing. It wasn't very sweet and actually had a slight creamy taste to it. I highly recommend VasoBLITZ.

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