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Hey Guys

Putting a log together help hold myself accountable. Helps me stay organized and motivated if i get all this down on paper, and figured might as well post it here and get some advice while im at it.
Open to any and all suggestions and criticism, always looking to learn and improve. Going to try and post a few times a week with updates.

Looking to get rid of the dad bod and extra lock down pounds. Basically a recomp with a focus on fat loss, want to be big and lean and look good at the beach. 😀

Age 37
Height 5'10
Weight 275(yikes!)

Background : Former college athlete and avid gym goer. Typical, job...let myself go big time. Find myself at a place now where i can really get back into the lifestyle with the dedication and the consistency it deserves. Never really had a problem putting on size(muscle and fat) but never really could get very lean. Always had decent shoulders, back and legs, but chest is always a weakness and never really saw any abs.

Goals: A muscular 215. I dont really know how to say it, but i would rather look "big and muscular with a gut" than "skinny or ripped but weak" . Dont know if that makes any sense, but it kind of does to me lol.

Diet: 2000 calorie per day keto. Carbs are my enemy. Try and stay under 20 net carbs on gym days and under 10 on off days. Also dabbling into IF...with all my calories coming between 2pm and 10pm. As i hopefully lean out I may add some carbs in post workout... but for now keto helps me keep everything under control.

Wake up at 6am, gym at 8am. Fasted.

Supplements : Lean Edge - 2 caps 6am and 2 caps 2pm
Thermagize XT - 1 cap per day at noon(post gym). Dont think i can handle it working out fasted.
Reduce xt - 1 cap 6 am . 1 cap noon . 1 cap 8pm
Creatine mono - 5g pre workout(8am) with 5g amino acid(xtend)
Staples - Fishoil, Orange Triad Multi
Open for suggestions here on additions or timings. also looking for a non stim pre workout

Training: Read some interesting stuff on Jeff Nippards full body workouts 5x a week, with a focus on different body part each day. Seemed like it would be good for me as i have to keep an eye on things like recovery, joint pain, back pain(old man back) etc. I feel like i fail on lifts at my joints sometimes rather than the muscle i am working on. Activating all body parts everyday should aid in fat loss as well. Hitting everything for almost 20 sets per week with a mix of low rep(5*5) and high rep (3*10-12). Made some tweaks to fit what exercises and equipment i have access to and am comfortable using. Started 2 weeks ago and am enjoying it so up a great sweat, able to go relatively heavy but easy on the joints and still able to recover daily. Here is the plan. Monday through Friday, with 30 to 45 min cardio before weights, either bike or treadmill on an incline.

Legs FocusedChest FocusedBack FocusedShoulders Focused Arms Focused
Squat 5*5Incline Dumbell Press5*5 Rack Pulls 5*5Seated Shoulder Press 5*5EZ Bar Curl 5*5
Hammer Strength Incline 3*12Incline Dumbell Flies 3*12Lat Pull Down 3*12Seated Dumbell Laterals 3*12Tricep Press Down(V handle) 5*5
Chest Supported T Bar Rows 3*12Leg Press 3*12Smith Machine Flat Press(3*12)Squat 3*12Leg Press 5*5
Arnold Press3*12Single Arm Dumbell Rows 3*12Face Pulls 3*12Pec Deck Flies 3*12Incline Dumbell Press 3*12
Dumbell Curls/Rope Pulldowns 3*12Upright Rows 3*12Cable Curl/Cable Overhead Ext 3*12Dumbell Curls/Rope Pulldowns 3*12Nuetral Grip Lat Pulldown 3*12
Hammer Curls/Diamand Push Up 3*12Seated Row 3-12Dumbell Rear Delt Flys 3*12

Thoughts/questions - full body vs body part split for fat loss/recomp?
Exercise suggestions - anything glaring im missing here?

Anyway, thanks for reading all that. Any input, criticism, roasting is welcome. Always looking to learn and improve. Heres a pick for reference. Fair warning i am a fat hairy ****! (pic 2 weeks old...already down 10lbs)




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Nice intro man.
I would just say with amount of weight you want to lose I probably wouldn't go that low on cals right out the gate. Maybe work your way down slowly, and for me it's hard to be successful with such low carbs.

Sounds like you got your head in the right spot so have at it my man.

Best of luck to you, it can be done and I will follow along.💯


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A lot of us have been in the same boat. I once stopped lifting for nearly 4 years before I got back into the iron game. Great to hear you back and ready to smash it. Sounds like you are on the right track working out the diet plan and a solid lifting program.

I totally understand where you are coming from. Not everyone wants the lean/ripped look and there's certainly nothing wrong with that. It's all about what makes you happy.

I'm 43 years old and for me, I continue to have the most success with a typical bro split. It allows me to rest nagging problem areas really well. For example, pressing/pushing aggravates my elbow. So I start with a chest day then I do a back day and then a leg day. So it gives me a couple of days to recover before I do more pressing exercises. That's just me though. Tons of good programs and I'm sure other ways to work around problems.

Like Bossman said above, with a solid diet and exercise you should see some dramatic fat loss. Good luck brother!


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hey guys. Posted an update on tuesday but it looks like it is still waiting on mod approval. Any idea how to get that to go through?

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