Bought a home HGH test kit (labmax) here are my results..


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Hi all, title says it all really.
So, been taking 4iu of pre-mixed somatropin for the past 30 days and decided to get myself a home test kit out of curiosity.
I didn’t realise the test was for pure hgh in powder form and not pre mixed hgh, I tested it anyway…
The test vial was a bright yellow colour to start, after adding my hgh the vial almost instantly turned a light orange colour, after 1 hour the vial was a strong orange colour, after 2 hours the vial was orange but has a tinge of lime green when held up to daylight.
The instructions on the test say that after 1hr the vial should be a darker yellow than the starting colour and after 2hrs the vial should be a green colour.
Now considering my hgh is premixed at 3.3mg(10iu)/ml and not pure hgh like the test should be, do these results seem reasonable to anyone?
My thinking is that the orange colour which I’m seeing is the mixing solution in the hgh and the green tinge im seeing if I put the vial to daylight is the actual hgh, just at a very diluted dose…
Am I clutching at straws here or does this sound possible?
I do trust my source but your source is only ever as strong as there source…
Here are a load of pics of the vials and instructions, any input would be greatly greatly appreciated here guys, thanks in advance!!


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Why people waste time with these kits that only detect the presence of a substance is beyond me.


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I can’t really help but from my experience most HGH are fake, expired or of low quality, if I use HGH again it’ll be straight from the pharmacy. Hope yours is good though, good luck.


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Do you have an update on this buddy? I've got exactly the same stuff, same expiry date, same codes on the side. How did you get on with it?

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