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The more I read about weightlifting and the various genres the more I have to laugh at the world of Bodybuilding over the rest. The reason I laugh is because in this particular sport the whole quest is for the 'perfect' male body and 'perfect' female body. I am personally amused when I see a couple of guys doing their posing routines and am impressed with the muscle mass and the dryness and then when I read comments I hear negative comments about body parts. I think that these critics must be OCD sometimes. Yet, the more I have done this the more comments I see like this. It would seem to me that bodybuilding has go to be a very stressful sport and takes a told on the body. Yet, the only redeeming value that I see in it is watching how your body responds to what you put into it and put it through in gaining muscle and losing fat and staying 'healthy'.

Contrast this with powerlifting/strongman. In reality it is much simplier to live by. No need to keep watching your diet. You focus on certain movements and focus on your weakness in lifting in order to bring up your strong movements. It is a different way of life from bodybuilding. The only thing people care about in these sports is how much weight can you move and can you beat your previous record and can you set a new record. The only negative is these guys have that tendency to eat whatever it is they want which can lead to an unhealthy diet. Many of these guy are solid but also fat which is not quite what I have in mind for this own body of mine.

I have been to one bodybuilding contest and one powerlifting contest. I was at both of these for 4 hours. the Bodybuilding contest got old after a good hour. I held in just to see Ronnie Coleman on stage. He was a treat for me

The powerlifting contest I went to was a riot. From kids to ladies to the big dawgs. In a bigger setting it might be different but in the setting I was in everybody was cheering their lungs out for the lifter. I didn't hear any negative talk at all. I was amazed to see the strength of these guys.

Yet, with all of this I am caught in the middle. My goal in weightlifting in strength in size. I want my system to be that of a bodybuilder between the bulk and the cut stage but I cannot stand the scrunity that comes with the judging territory. I can't take seeing posing all the time either. After a while it gets irritating.
Yet, I like the strongman/powerlifting because it is just like being in a gym. You just get that rush when you see these people lifting. It inspires a person to get into the gym and go for it. They have solid bodies but there is no shape to them. I don't care for that personally.

THis is probably why I practice powerbuilding through rest paused training. It gives you strength growth as well as mass growth. Then I have the power to lose fat when I want to or gain it when I want to.

Never would I ever enter a bodybuilding event because I find the rule to be ridiculous but a strongman event, even if I came in last place, would still get the cheer on by others just for the finish. See, that is cool in my eyes!

how about yours......?

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