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Hey guys, so I’m somewhat new to the form, but I’ve done a lot of reading. I’m 22, 183, 5’11. I wanted to hear some opinions about either BMP or Vector in the case of someone who is into bodyweight movements and exercises. I’m looking more for something to aid specifically in recovery and strength, not too worried about size. I was also interested in understanding if one might be better for my age range. I’m already taking an epi supplement, and like it,so follidrone was the popular option. Thanks for the feedback!


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Just for disclosure, I work with Matt at Evomuse on some things and I am biased - but that all grew from being a customer who loved his products. I can honestly say BMP is one of my favorite supplements of all time. I get stronger on it. I recomp on it.

I have never used Vector. I have used Exotherm and enjoyed it for cutting. I have used Follidrone 2 and felt that it did nothing for me but many on here swear it is awesome. Just like I love BMP and some people don't believe they get much from it.

If you are expecting crazy changes, nothing will do that - but if you want to see more consistent improvement from workout to workout and subtle changes that add up over time, I think BMP is what I would choose.

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