Bloodnthunder with ALR Viper: Cutting it up hyperdrive style(sponsored log)



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Well back was really sore yesterday so took day off. Felt decent today so gave it a run.

7 min miss jog

Seated bb shoulder press
45x20, 95x15,115-2x8,105x8,95x10,65x15,75x10

These were non stop like just enough time to change plates for rest

Bb upright
Went wide, sh length, in close for each non stop set

3x15 65,75,85
3x12 85,95,105

Behind neck press standing

Kinda hate those tbh

Low pulley side lateral raises
10x12,15. 15x12

Standing rear db fly
10x20, 3x15 15,20,25

Incline trap raises 15x10,12.5x12,10x15

Db shrug 4x12 55,60,65,70

Bar curl 3x15 45,55,65

Close grip bench 3x15 65,75,85

Rope pd rep per lb 30,25,25
Rope hammer rep per lb same

Skull 2x15 50
Ezbar 21s style curl 50-2sets

Farmers walk 40lb kb 4x55

Wood chopper 3x15 10
Pallof 3x15 15

Bar Rotation 25

2 min miss jog
15 min hiit sprints
3 min liss walk

Even though I did a ton while workout only took about 1 hr 25 min. Sacrificed power for volume and speed today but thought it wise to really keep heart rate blasting as I was not have 2 days left on viper.


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Went ahead and knocked legs out early this week.

Abduction adduction ss 130x30

Squat 95x15,135x15,225x12,275x10,300x6

Still not back to where I was but forms good and making small jumps last time out I think 295x6. So I'll take it.


Lots of vol here today. The 320x6 didn't feel all that great last cpl reps so came back down with a bit more volume than I had intended to for the day.

Rdl. 3x12 135,140,145

Hoist leg extensions 5x12 65,85,105,125,145

Seated calf 100x20,90x22,80x24
Super super slow 45x10,25x12

Horizontal calf press 240x15,210x20,160x25

Farmers walk 40lb kb 2x60
Little smaller paces today than Normal.

Not sure I mentioned it yesterday but someone left a plate laying on the ground and I stubbed foot against it, luckily I had shoes on. But nails all black and while I can walk no prob on it it hurts like an sob when it touches the shoe or the sock gets stuck to it. That's what happened late in the workout the sweat adhered the sock to it and it hurt like hell so skipped any cardio.

K weekly pics





Weighed in at 175 this am. Bf test said 15.7 but buddy came by and said no f'n way. So he grabbed it and did it and it said 18.1. Well he just won the super heavyweight division at the mr buffalo bodybuilding expo Saturday. He thinks I'm about 11 or 12 %. Idk. What u guys think

1 more day left but looking at my first pics and today's is say this VIPER cut has been a success.


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Well today was my final day on this viper run. Finished it off with chest and triceps.

Was pretty disappointed in my lack of power today. Just one of those days I guess. Perhaps it's the less weight but pretty much all my chest numbers took a dip. I guess this app s just one of the sacrifices one makes whilst cutting.

5 min bike

Bench. 45x20,135x12,185x10,205x8,225x6,245x5, 265x1,225x5,185x8,155x9

Incline db
Wanted to go heavy but failed on 90 and 85 so changed formatting
65x10,8,9 drop 50x5. 50-2x10

Incline cable fly
10x20,15-2x12, 10x15

High xover

Med crossover

Dips 3x12

Close grip bench 135x6,115x8,105x10,85x12

Vbar pd
3x15 50,60,70

Hanging leg raises 17,18,19

1 arm kb carry 40-4x60

Standing rope crunch 40-4x25

Stair master 15 minutes liss

In all I recommend viper. I lost 10 lbs on this run and even though that bf calculator device makes it look like most of it was lbm the before and after pics clearly tell a different story. I'm very pleased with the results it provided.

If u run this def start off slowly so your tolerance can be assessed. But had some gi discomfort for a day or so but the body adapts. I also noticed the best results after reducing carb intake to between 100-140 a day. That's still a ton of carbs to have while cutting based on my cut last year and what I've seen other guys going with. So my point is with viper u can keep the carbs a little higher than your typical cut and still shred. There's a limit though. The week I rolled with 220-250 and didn't really see any progress. This could've been bc of the higher carbs or just that the viper hadn't truly had enough time yet to really kick in and do its thing.

Also as I noted b4. Please no pres or other stuns while you run this. I made the mistake one time and it was bad.

I'd once again like to thank the guys at alri esp NurseGray for choosing me in their giveaway. Also thanks to those of u that followed along, whether u chimed in or simply lurked you being witness to this log means something to me. And that said I hope this log provided u both entertainment and valuable information that'll help you in your own quests.

Any questions please ask away. If you want to follow my next log I'll be getting quaked for an extended run thanks to TheSolution and scivation. That log will b up and running tomorrow. Hope to see u there


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Enjoyed your log immensely

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