*******BIGGEST SALE EVER: Somatozine OVER 30% OFF!*******

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MA Labs Presents...​

Somatozine (MK-677 Enhanced) Pre-Order Sale

OVER 30% OFF!!!

* Somatozine is a super-charged version of MK-677, which provides superior results to MK-677 alone. A product description for Somatozine can be found in the link at the bottom of the page.

Guys, we just launched our biggest Somatozine sale EVER at over 30% off.

To be honest, this discount came into existence more by accident than it did intentionally. After some communication difficulties with my partner (texting has a tendency to do that) and changing the sale price on the website multiple times within a 30 minute time period, I didn't feel like changing it again, so I decided to just leave it as it was.

Unlike some companies, which often use dishonest marketing tactics by telling their customers things like "we will never have a sale this big again", the truth is that I am VERY unlikely to run a sale like this again in the year 2017.

As I alluded to a few days ago, this sale was implemented for one primary reason--to give you guys a reason to order now, while waiting for the product to arrive at the warehouse. I realize full well that most people prefer to order products when they're actually in stock, so I wanted to do something that would change that.

How Does the Sale Work?

The website price has been reduced by $10...and you can still use the Arnold20 code (for an additional 20% off), which brings the price down from $74.99 to $51.99.

E.T.A. (8-21)

I was just informed by our manufacturer that he is hoping to ship the product to our warehouse by the middle to end of next week, after which we would immediately begin shipping the product out to those who have pre-ordered. So, the waiting period is rather brief, especially considering that most customers tend to receive their packs within just 2-3 days of shipping. Of course, once the product is in stock, the sale will end.


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