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I've been cutting for about 3 weeks, I lost 4 lbs in the first two but haven't lost anything the past week. Went up almost a half pound. I weight myself when I get up everyday. I do fasted cardio or fasted sprints upon waking. Then I come home eat as I am Intermittent fasting. I eat around 2000 calories a day. 200gs protein from sources like eggs, turkey, cheese, ham, whey, and chicken. And around 90-100 grams of carbs as oatmeal, what bread, and maybe some vegetables, and 90-100 grams of fat from eggs, coconut oil, cheese, and maybe pork rinds if I feel like snacking. I weigh ALL the food I eat so I know I'm not over eating. I weight 177 lbs and am 5'9 and 22 years old. And been training and editing for 5 years. My BMR is 1900 and I'm pretty sedentary currently. However I burn about 500 cals when I wake up and then another 500 probably weight training for two hours each day. I'd like to know what bf% it looks like in at as well as why I'm not losing weight quicker? I'm also taking ostarine and cardarine to preserve my muscle which is why I'm trying to cut harder. If they're legit. Thank you guys! First two pics are normal second two are sucking in and flexing a bit.


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Are you taking measurements. It's possible to recomp on sarms, even milder compounds such as ostarine. You cannot only rely on the scale to determine fat loss. Hard to say where your bodyfat levels are just from pictures but I'd guess it's somewhere between 15-20%


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Do not weigh yourself every day, once a week is good... your body weight can fluctuate and it will just mess with your mind frame checking everyday. I would say around 17-18% but you look like you got a pretty good frame to stack some muscle on.

Kettlebell swings and skipping, your conditioning best friend. Also try go to an Infrared Sauna once a week, these are amazing, really help me flush all the **** out my body and recover quicker/get better results.
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