Best way to cycle a BB + MMA training program?



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Long story short, I am going to get back into MMA/kickboxing. Problem is, I also like BBing and I'm minus 15lbs of lean muscle away from my goal weight.

What I'm thinking is that if I plan correctly I can run a short bulk followed by a short cut/recomp multiple times a year and still end up with some good lean gains. I'm thinking the net effect will help me get the best of both worlds without sacrificing too much muscle.

I know many will say to do both, but I've tried that and it is very difficult to gain size with the amount of cardio involved. However, I used to do kickboxing and strength training in tandem and that combo was great. I was prob the strongest per lb in my gym at the time. Not a big brag since it was a martial arts studio first and a gym second, but point is, I made nice strength gains but no size gains.

Example of what I'm thinking:

1-2 months BBing (high volume, 8-12 rep range) lean bulk/bulk, followed by 1 month MMA + strength training for a cut/recomp (lower reps, focus on power and explosiveness).

I'm hoping the end result will be a nice chiseled profile at the end of the year.

Anyone think this is a bad idea? Will my gains be crapola? Am I an idiot lol?

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