Beastdrol/Epi Bridge PCT


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I am sorry for such a redundant, repetitive thread, but through my search of the forums, I rarely got information that coincided with the others. I was a little confused, and just want a straight answer

Im running a 7 week, Beast/Epi cycle. Ive done it before, but last time my PCT of Tamoxifen, Clomid, PCT assist, and DAA didnt help much with the maintinence. I was also sick at the end, so that maybe have helped, but I just want to do it right for optimal gain retention. I understand there will be losses, thats just the way the games played.

I have Clomiphene 50mg tabs
Tamoxifen 20mg tabs
Formastanzolol (sp?)
1 x Erase Pro

I can easily, quickly get DAA, And ill also be continuing support supplements, IE Animal Flex, Animal Pak, and CEL Cycle Support. I have been using HCGenerate to help with shutdown on cycle, and it has kept the sides to a minimum, as in my last cycle I was a little green, and hated my life via back pumps.

I need to know what, how long, and when. I see some people say 4 weeks isnt enough, some say 4 weeks is plenty. Some say Erase Pro starting second week, everyday, some say EOD.

If there is a product i SHOULDNT use, please tell me as well.

Anyways, if theres something I should buy as well, I will buy it, Im barely into my cycle and all the things that take time (IE SERMS) are already here infront of me.

Thank you in advance.


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Not sure on the actual gear bro because I never bridged with epi but I can give you advice on pct.

Clomid 100/100/50/50
Erase pro 1/1/1/1 week 5 1eod to taper off
Daa 3g everyday starting last week of cycle for a total of 5+ weeks
Forma 5 pumps AM 5 PM for 4 weeks of pct.

Keep the nolva in case you get a gyno problem on cycle. If so start taking 20mg ED or EOD until pct.

Get taurine for the back pumps. You can get it at walgreens, ***, walmart etc..

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