Bbartsche reviews Primeval Labs Orange Sherbert


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First off thanks to The Solution for allowing me to review Primeval-labs EAA MAX.
The flavor I went with was Orange Sherbert. Man this was very delicious. Tasted like melted orange sherbert ice cream. I always loved orange sherbert growing up, so drinking something like this without all the calories was a blessing. It is not too tangy and not too sweet, hits all the right notes of what orange sherbert is, delicious

20181117_204430 (1).jpg

EAA Max is a very fine powder that has no Mixibility issues. I usually mix my BCAA or EAA with around 16oz per scoop. As soon as the powder touched the water, it started to mix in, gave it a few shakes and voilà no issues of clumping. There was a tad bit of foaminess at the top, but went away after a few seconds.


Recovery was a little increased, I usually train fasted, so adding this as my intra had me feeling good, nothing too major, but there was a little bit, that helps out a lot.

As far as cost goes, I have seen it for around $30 for 30 servings, which is quite a good price, for a fully dosed eaa formula. The flavoring alone is worth that price, but throw in that awesome blend, and man, you are getting what you pay for with this. For me, after my tub is done, I will most likely pick up another tub or two.

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