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Good afternoon everyone

Been around this forum for years so I know lots of you are very helpful.

I now workout 100% at home so I’m trying to find a good program that I don’t need to change out too many exercises to fit what I have.

Basics cage and weights with a barbell obviously. Flat and incline bench. DBs so for only up to 30 and a pair of 50s. Landmine which I love of some meadow rows and some single arm shoulder press.

Anyways I feel like my progress could be better and I know locking down my nutrition will help. I’m curious what training programs people use that workout from home and don’t have a LOADED home gym. I’ve done the 5x5 and 5/3/1 many times .

Anyways just hoping to hear what programs you guys use and then I’ll do the research what fits what I’m looking for.

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