Aussie after 6 month stack


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Hey guys,
As heading stated, I'm after a couple stacks that can bring me all the way to Christmas or after.
Right now I'm just dropping some weight; so would like some suggestions on a stack to help tighten up. Not SNS Lean Edge (tried that, and didn't do anything - yes seriously). And not to keen on AlphaLean7 - that sh!t made me nervous and pee like crazy.

Then looking to jump into a lean stack. I liked X-gels
I've read a lot of suggestions in the forums on Follidrone2, Anabolic Effect, BMP, Vector and CEL Epi-Plex.

I was possibly thinking X-gels + F2 + Vector (?) How would adding BMP go with that?

Like to read a few suggestions

Oh and please suggest places where I can buy these and that will ship to Australia. (I know of strongsupplementstore but their postage is so high)

Also, to add - I want to avoid going on TRT for now. Enhanced Athlete Black Ox + Blue Ox was suggested to me - any feedback?



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X-gels + F2 + Vector would be a nice stack! I'd definitely recommend starting with that and see what type of progress you get from it..
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