Astronomically High Lipids?


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I'm hoping someone with a medical background sees this as I'm concerned about my lipid levels.

I recently had a blood panel done (bought life insurance) and found out I have astronomically high blood lipid levels.

My blood pressure is at the low end of the normal range, blood sugar as low as you can get in the normal range after a fast, cholesterol is healthy, a little under the mid-point in the normal range, a relatively low pulse reading...

But my lipids (denoted as different from cholesterol? ) are as high as the paramed chart runs and probably read higher.

I'm 6 ft, currently 220-225 pounds, 12% ~ bf. Lift 4-5 days weekly and do steady state cardio roughly thirty minutes 2x weekly. No supplements at this time.

I do have a doctor appointment scheduled but I've read high lipids can induce stroke. Am I flirting with disaster lifting heavy?

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