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So I know Assualt Labs stopped making this liquid version of Halodrol a while ago but I found it on a UK website. It just arrived yesterday and I quickly noticed two things...

First, there is no expiration date on the bottle. Second, I noticed the liquid inside was not clear, it was more of a hazy white (almost cloudy) shade.

My question is did anyone use this when it was around a few years ago? If so do you remember the liquid being that hazy color? And also would you remember if the bottle had an expiration date on it? Any help would be appreciated. I bought it from a reputable site in the UK but still want to make sure it is gtg because I'd like to buy a second bottle if it is.



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AFAIK, it's an emulsion, so that color could be normal (I've seen it on similar products).
I have two bottles bought from the UK (Liquidien and Liquid Mechabol from Fussion supplements), and only one has a label stick at the bottom with the expiration day. Maybe it has expired and the supplier removed the label.
But is it really better than plain Halodrol? Halo has a good oral bioavailability.

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