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This is an amazing product. 9/10...I had one bottle (53mg/ml, 30 ml) and ran it for a total of 21 days: 16 days at 1mL, 5 days at 1.5mL...meaning I used only 23.5 mL of the product...the other 6.5 mL were lost when I accidentally kicked over the bottle on the third day.

Despite this, I can tell you that it kept me tight and vascular while eating at a slight caloric surplus, lean bulking. It was great for instant pumps and I definitely noticed some new inner bicep, lower ab, and upper chest veins. My waist felt smaller, and looked a bit more cut. Not sure if this has a nutrient partitioning effect...I should also note that I'm a boxer, doing tons of cardio every day (lifting M,W,F,Sat) so maybe at the end of the week I'm actually in a caloric deficit.

I put it on 1 to 2 hours before the gym as I was packing up from work (dries somewhat quick). Got a pre workout meal in (I was doing just an apple, banana and a cup of black coffee)

Noticed a local thermogenic effect when I upped it to 1.5mL and placed it on the lower abs, or on a bicep vein. I did not notice an enhanced gym performance as others have stated (I'm probably performing better but I don't think too much when working out...headphones on and moving the weights)...but I was definitely looking a lot better. Look good --> feel good...

Just for clarification, my current profile pic was taken 2 months before I first applied Ursa Major. I'm already a lean guy, and I have great genetics for vascularity at higher body fats...So, I'm sure you won't see much results if you are at a high bodyfat percentage.

If you are struggling to drop those last few pounds or looking to recomp, it's a must try. I think you might want to invest in 2 bottles, applying 2mL a day for 30 days. 1mL in the morning, 1mL in the evening. Might try another log...right now I'm in the process of bulking up a bit and I should probably tone down the cardio. It's just 2nd nature to hit the bags for 1-2 hours (listening to unsolved murder documentaries lmao) or sparring with my bud.

This is my first post, so what's up lol...I don't really buy products or supplements like that (haven't gotten whey since Mid 2019) I just love browsing these forums. If you've made it this far, any other natty products you'd recommend? any apex ones? Thanks!


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