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HI all,

Going into Week 7 of Round 2 P90x. Lost alot of weight so far and now focusing alot on trying to get "shredded" I know i can put the effort in I just want to ask about trying a "stack" Thanks alot. some info below

Started P90x at 6'1 230lbs. Currently at 192lbs. have been down to 187, took a week off due to injury. but starting back today.

So i workout 6 days a week P90x plus I do about an extra 90min of "ab/core workouts throughout the week"

I am looking for a "safe" stack that I can try for 30-60days. Below is a schedule I made that I could follow if you all think it will work. Thanks alot I apprecite all your time.

6:50am – Wake, 1 AP, 1 Recreate, 1 CLA in preparation for breakfast meal.

7:10am – Eat ½ cup Oatmeal Square with ½ cup Skim Milk. 1 Coffee

10:30am- 1 Protein Shake (optimum nutrition 100 whey gold standard with 8oz FF milk)

1:15pm - Take 1 AP, 1 Recreate, 1 CLA in preparation for lunch meal

1:30pm – Eat 1 Cup Cheerios with 1Cup Skim Milk (40g carbs)

4:00pm- 1 Greek Chobani Yogurt

5:30pm: 1 protein Shake and Take 1 AP, 1 CLA in preparation for workout

6:00pm: Workout

7:30pm – Eat Dinner. Chicken, Brown Rice, asparagaus or Spinach or Broccoli.

10:30pm: BedTime

If I was to not afford the 3 pill stack today, would you recommend AP+Recreate or CLA+recreate? Thanks
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