Unanswered Any Opinions About Mike Whitfield's Bodyweight Finishers?


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I myself have always like Mike Whitfield's bodyweight finishers.

1. Among some of the major points are:

- Whitfield has average genetics but still has lost over one hundred pounds and toned up.
- His finishers are simple to understand, accurate and easily actionable
- Versatile: his workout finishers additions can take five minutes a day or as much as 60 minutes. It all depends on your drive to do these.
- They actually work at gaining some muscle building stimulus, fat loss, and making you more stress-resistant, craving resistant.
- His support on Facebook groups, etc. is great. He is a Christian and really lives by the principles. He seems like a kind person who prioritizes being a good person over taking money with gimmicks.
Honestly, greats like Labrada or even Vince Delmonte may have great promotions. But, it seems to be taken away with the fact that they are money hungry.

2. I like these finishers because they do not require equipment.

I find they are best used in the gym. Specifically, that is as an addition after a heavy weight workout. I think they are a great substitution for cardio.

For guys like me wanting to gain strength and muscle mass, but not gain fat, they are a great way to do heavy weights and a high calorie diet.

3. Any one else have opinions?

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