Any effects AFTER you stop taking test boosters - a couple questions



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So I recently read a thread where a guy got blood work done after taking M-Test and it raised his testosterone to a better range... Now I'm wondering, and have been for a while - will testosterone levels stay at that higher level once you stop taking the test booster? Will it slowly go back to where it was before you started taking a test booster? or do some test boosters actually fix the problem and bring your levels back up to a healthier range(most likely depending on the cause for lower testosterone I'm sure)?

Does anyone know about this? I know some people say to cycle products for them to work, so would m-test or another booster stop working after taking it for so long? or will that just cause your levels to go back down so you can bring them back up once you run it again??

Can run DAA and/or tribulus all year??

I'm trying to avoid doing a cycle of the good stuff for a while and want to completely 100% maximize my natural potential before I do a real cycle. So I need to figure out a testosterone boosting option that will be effective 6-12 months.