Any advice on an Ostarine x SR9009 stack ?


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Green to all the newer supplements. 49 yrs old 196lbs (would like to cut to 180) and 5’9”. Trying to get back into as good a condition as I can pull off. I chose these to help with general physical recovery, DOMS and endurance. Not completely sure I made the best choices, but I need to start somewhere.

37 years of martial arts has blessed me with lots of wear and tear. 20 years ago I treated myself like it was free (don’t we all), now I feel the price.

I plan to lift and body weight to try to build endurance and general practical strength. My goal is general strength, physical resilience and lowering body fat. I dropped from 245 to 196 on keto. 2.5 years in and I generally prefer the way I feel from a nutritional standpoint.

The SARMS came from PP. Not sure if there are better or if what I have is junk.

I’m looking for any advice from folks with experience with these as a stack.
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