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Hello fellas. I’m still on here soaking up as much knowledge as I possibly can. Maybe I’m not lookin in the right place; but I’m trying to find info regarding being on cycle while being on anti depressants. I started having these anxiety attacks about a year and a half ago, went and seemed help and was prescribed Wellbutrin, and gabapentin a few months ago. Haven’t started them yet Bc they seemed to lessen and lessen with coping skills as well as info I’m picking up naturally online and through other people who have suffered what I’m going through. ( id like to beat this without prescribed medication) I recently had a bad one as contemplated trying them. Can anyone of you shed some light on your experiences or maybe a link or something that can help me understand the correlation (if there is any) between anabolics and anti depressants?

Thank you guys for any info and I love reading this forum; keep the knowledge coming.

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