Anabolic Growth Kit Cycle


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What's up guys?

I am trying to come up with a good stack to run starting on January 2014. I like AMS, and I am thinking on running the Anabolic Growth Kit, something like this:

Now my concerns are really the PCT. Is a SERM needed at all? AMS recommends Arom-x as 2/2/2/2 as PCT, but I am not sure if that would be enough for a 5 weeks cycle.

On the other hand, I could also run a 4 weeks cycle as 2/2/2/2 of the Anabolic Growth Kit, would Arom-x as 2/2/2/2 be enough as PCT then?


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Answers this in another thread and PM, but just in case anyone else is reading this. Many folks have had success with OTC PCTs, including myself. However, I am an advocate of SERMs and recommend at least having one on hand if you do decide to try OTC. Though understand that if during PCT you decide you need it you will be behind the curve and be playing catch up with recovery or what ever signs and symptoms you may be having.

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