Anabolic Doc in Connecticut. The best doc around.



The metabolic doc...Dr. O'Connor is the best doc around for bodybuilders and other srs lifters. Especially for people who cycle anabolics using non-pharmaceutical gear, and no real bloodwork and hormone regulation. I'm very happy to find the metabolic doc located in Connecticut, MY STATE!!! 45 mins from my house!! He is the man...and got his M.D. in internal medicine so he's very educated on hormone regulation and proper use of steroids. He openely treats pro bodybuilders and has posted a great article on muscular development which I have provided a link for below..and his actual wesbite. He is a respectable professional with proper medical ethics so treat it as such. It's great he's willing to help srs lifters as he is a srs powerlifter himself. And a huge benefit to having a personal doc regulating your health is prescription anabolics from U.S. underground labs where the true quality is unknown.
Thought I'd post this for any mature and educated members in the Ct area looking for proper guidance.

Metabolic Docs

The Top 5 Best Steroids for Raw Power by The Anabolic Doc, Thomas O'Connor, MD

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