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Hey guys. I'm looking into getting the andro lean stack by Advanced Muscle Science, i'm in the process of cutting down my body fat but gaining some muscle mass would be nice as well. I have a few questions regarding the andro lean stack.
First off will this product help me gain lean muscle mass and assist in losing body fat? What would you guys recommend for a pct? Is an on cycle support necessary (I have previously taken Finaflex 1-andro and this was not needed)? Also i am fairly unfamiliar with the epi 1-test. What sides might come from this? Any other input regarding the andro lean stack is appreciated. Thanks.


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I have used a stack very similar to this. It may sound like bs. but I ran it for 8 weeks and noticed 2% bf reduction while gaining 5 lbs. Losing fat and gaining muscle isnt easy to do! Also has a lot to do with personal body type. The stack definitely aided in my gains, but this stack is of no use without proper diet and an intense workout routine.

I used Rise and Swell by Mind and Muscle for my PCT because of the high dose of DAA. 3 week PCT and I was all set. I also purchased my cutting stack from Mind and Muscle, and right now they are having a sale for AMS products as well as cutting prohormones. Enter disc code "jerison" if you wana catch a sweet deal.


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I actually just found out about this website earlier today and its great for shopping and packed with information by Dr.Tod Lee. Did you run an on cycle support if so which one would you recommend? Also was Rise and Swell the only thing you used for PCT? I was thinking about running Rise and Swell during the cycle as well so I can keep producing natural test is this a good idea or not? Thanks.


How did you do your cycle. Did you run 15 days of the andro THEN 15 days of epi? Or run 4 weeks of the andro followed by four weeks of epi?

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