AMS anabolic growth Kit, first PH run


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this is my first log so if I am make any mistakes or errors please let me know and i will correct them. When researching what stack to take I read alot of others logs and reviews, so I decided if they took the time to log things that assisted me I could do the same maybe helping the next new guy.
I started to the AMS Anabolic growth kit. dosing as advertised, two a day eight hours apart and allowing to dissolve under the tongue for one minute. Ive spaced the dosing out as follows.

First Second
1ad 1330 2130
4ad 1430 2230
Decavol 1530 2330

other supplements:
ON Whey protein gold standard
On Heavy weight gainer
ON mens multi vitamin
AMS super cycle
Animal Stak Joint support

Im currently 30 yrs old 6'1 165. Im trying to put ten pounds on, that I lost over the last year. Will also be running Mon, Wed and fri, Abs Tue, Thu and Sat, Sunday is off day . Will be running this log for the 30days I am on the products and will continue though PCT.

Day one: Chest

Took first dosing at alloted times. Took C4 20 mins before workout. Was not expecting much as is the first day, did not feel any more of a drive or stronger, however did get a crazy good pump. Alot more then i normally do. chest workout below

Flat bench:
x2 15r 45lbs
x1 10r 135lbs
x1 6r 165lbs
x1 4r 185lbs

Incline Machine
x1 8r 60lbs each side
x1 6r 70lbs each side
x1 7r 70lbs each side

Incline dumbells
x3 8r 62.5lbs

flat dumbells
x3 8r 62.5

T x3 8r 30lbs each side
M x3 7r 30lbs each side
B x3 7r 20lbs each side

Last exercise is a burnout
incline fly dumbells/ pushups no break
x1 10 r 25lbs /8
x1 8r 25lbs /7
x1 6r 25lbs /4

Was a little weaker today than normal. But it was a long weekend and didnt get alot of sleep.


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Day 2: Back plus abs

Today was a long day as I had to get up really early to pick some guys up from the HLZ. So I maybe had three hrs sleep. Took doses about thirty mins earlier today but kept the hr spacing. Still felt a little weaker at the beginning of the workout, but my last sets I was feeling stronger than I usually do at that point. Its only day 2 so not expecting to much right now. No anger issues, didnt feel super pumped to be in the gym. We will see as the cycle progresses.

Back and abs workout
Iso Back machine
x1 10r 45lbs each side
x1 10r 60lbs
x1 8r 80lbs
x1 7r 85lbs

chair leg raises
x3 15r

Wide grip pulldowns
x1 8r 130
x1 8r 140
x1 8r 150

x3 25r

close grip pulldowns
x1 8r 130
x1 8r 140
x1 8r 150

x3 1:00, 30 sec rest

single arm cable rows
x1 8r 85
x2 8r 100

x3 25r

staight bar cable rows
x3 15r 145

side obliques
x3 15r 25lb plate

bent over rows
x1 10r 135
x1 10r 145
x1 8r 155

ab rope pulldowns
x1 15r 85lbs
x2 15r 100

x2 15r 135
x2 12r 185
x1 8r 185
x2 10r 135
two behind back shrugs
x2 8r 135

leg raises
x3 30sec


ball situps
x3 25r

x3 8r 135
x1 3r 135


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I took all my supplements on day three but missed my workout due to work issues. So instead i just continued on with day 4. Day 4 was arms adn being thu i also did abs. It was a good workout. Didnt feel any more want to be in there, no aggression yet. I am still getting a very crazy pump. I didnt take my preworkout being that i worked out later in the night. even without it pump was insane. Stregnth hasnt really jumped at all yet. But we are only on day 4.

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