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In a couple weeks, I plan on starting the Anabolic Growth Kit RDe with the augmenter. I plan on 2 a day for each of these four, but I am not sure whether I should do the program for four or eight weeks. This is my first experience with prohormones of any kind, so I am open to the advice of everyone. My goal behind this cycle is simply to put on as much muscle mass as possible, and I will do whatever I need to get the most gains out of this product.

In terms of PCT, the product says that Arom-X RDe is enough in itself, but for eight weeks (or for just four) would you recommend taking anything else? How long for each version of the cycle?

Finally, I have a few workout plan options before me. For those of you who are knowledgeable about how this product works on the body from experience, which one do you think would be most beneficial? I do not want to pretend to have any input on the subject compared to you guys, so I am humbly open to every suggestion. If you think you have the best workout schedule for cycle and that what I present is worthless, I will gladly take your advice.

I have attached three short documents that detail the plans. Also, a user posted his log which was quite impressive here

I know this may seem like I'm asking a lot, but please answer what you are willing, and you will have my eternal gratitude!

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I ran the anabolic growth kit around December 2014, only difference is I used 4 caps of 4-ad a day and I didn't have the augmenter. I ran mine for 4 weeks, which is a good place to start if it's your first time. Also as far as a PCT goes, I recommend having a SERM on hand just in case but this stack is relatively mild so you would probably be okay with the arom-x and using something like test powder from USP Labs along side it. As far as putting on mass just make sure your diet is on check and you are eating a lot and lifting hard. Hope that helps.

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