Albuterol to improve HDL:LDL ratio



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I'm sure several members that frequent this area of the boards have taken a ph/ds that can mess with blood lipid profiles. The biggest culprit here that I know of is Superdrol. I've been looking into albuterol for its fat loss properties and I came across the fact that albuterol helps with HDL cholestrol levels.

Here is an abstract from a relevant study:

beta(2)-Selective adrenergic agonists are used in the management of bronchial asthma and preterm labor. Due to their ability to increase muscle strength and size in animal models, new applications for these agents are also being explored for neuromuscular disorders and in rehabilitation. However, the effects of long-term beta(2)-agonist administration on lipoprotein and carbohydrate metabolism are incompletely understood. This investigation evaluated the effects of a beta(2)-agonist, albuterol, on serum lipids and carbohydrate homeostasis in eight healthy nonsmoking men aged 24 to 61 years. Collection of fasting blood samples was completed in duplicate on separate days at baseline, during 14 days of oral albuterol administration (Proventil Repetabs, 8 mg twice daily; Schering Pharmaceuticals, Kenilworth, NJ) and during a 7-day washout period. Carbohydrate homeostasis was evaluated using the minimal model technique at the end of the baseline and albuterol periods. Fasting glucose and insulin, intravenous glucose tolerance, acute insulin response to intravenous glucose (AIRg), insulin sensitivity (Si), and glucose effectiveness (Sg) were not significantly changed during albuterol administration. Significant alterations (P < or = .02) were observed in total cholesterol ([TC] -9.1% +/- 2.5%), low-density lipoprotein cholesterol ([LDL-C] -15.0% +/- 2.9%), and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol ([HDL-C] +10.4% +/- 3.2%) concentrations, as well as the TC/HDL-C (-17.4% +/- 2.6%) and LDL-C/HDL-C (-22.9% +/- 2.4%) ratios. During washout, TC and LDL-C returned to baseline levels, whereas HDL-C remained elevated by 5.8% +/- 2.4% (P < .05). Thus, albuterol administration was associated with favorable changes in the serum lipid profile without marked impairment of glucose tolerance or its physiologic determinants.

Essentially, while on Albuterol, the participants found their HDL to increase while their LDL decreased. After the albuterol cleared their system, LDL returned to normal but HDL stayed elevated.

Has anyone used albuterol for its cholesterol benefits, whether solely or with the knowledge that it will also aid in fat loss? I think this would benefit anyone running harsher compounds and should really be given more thought.

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