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I was just given a 50mg bottle of aicar to help with my recomp. What exactly is the preparation method for this? I assumed it would be in liquid form, but it's actually a powder. Anyone out there can help me..?


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50mg/ml at 10ml is one dose, and it would be relatively expensive for 30 days.

I made a huge mistake in the dose. It's actually in grams per day, not milligrams. 3g/day.
So, if one vial provides 500mg, one would need at least 6 vials daily. $150/day at $30 per vial.
A 30 day supply would be $4500/mo.

That's why only athletes may use it, but there are potential negative sides related to your heart, why not to.
It tricks your body into thinking you've just exercise. I'd suggest doing a bit more research, then giving it back.

If you are not a competitive athlete, you probably should avoid it.
The ROI on such a device would not be worth the risk unless one was competing, and even at that imho.
On the list of banned substances of WADA would be (AIRCAR; GW501516; SR9009, etc.)

In case you or anyone were wondering:
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