Adding in a low dose of DHB???


Hey all,

I'm currently running the following:
Test E 500 per week for 20 weeks
EQ 600 per week for 15 weeks
Anadrol 50mgs per day (split 12.5mg morning, 25mg pwo, 12.5mg bed) for 7 weeks
Proviron 50mgs per day (split AM/PM) for 18 weeks
MK677 (Narrows Labs) at 25mgs before bed for another 12 weeks
Cardarine 20mgs a day for 16 weeks, 3 week break, back on for a few weeks

I have tons of DHB left over, but it always had the worst PIP ever so stopped, but thinking about throwing it in low dose. Would there be any benefit to throwing it in at like 75-100mgs a week?

I also have the following: S4, S23, Epistane, SD, Winny

I'm 260lbs 6'5 @ around 17-18% bf, and doing cardio about 30mins a day (trying to burn 300-400cal six days a week), also lowering cal intake by around 500 a day. The goal is to get big AF and lower body weight for MDW!! lol.

Thank you!

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