Unanswered Accurate dosing splitting 1mg armidex pill into 4 1/4 (0.25mg)


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My 1mg Arimidex white tablets don’t have scores on them, so I was wondering how accurate splitting them into 1/4s are. Personally I feel like even if I cut them exactly into 1/4’s they seem tiny and I should just take half a pill as my dose protocol instead of a tiny fourth of a tablet.

28 lifting for 8 years

Following this protocol
Weeks 1-12 test E 500 mg
Weeks 7-12 Anavar 50 mg
Arimidex 0.25 EOD
hCG 500 iu weekly with test injections

My T levels are very naturally high and I always have a strong libido naturally

First 250 mg test injection: First nights sleep I woke up to pee with a raging boner, then took 0.25 Arimidex on the 2nd day after my 1st test injection

My 2nd 250 mg injection: The day after I felt really sluggish (possibly because my body was being filled with excess Testosterone from natural production and artificially/exogenously) I should of increased my Arimidex dose to 0.50mg right then but didn’t and kept it at 0.25 mg EOD.

3rd 250 mg Injection: I noticed a patch of hair right above my sideburns that hasn’t grown or grown SUPER SLOW since I electric shaved it 6 days ago ( there’s a subtle lighter/balder looking patch with my five o clock shadow I shave-maintain everyday. My hairs thick and balding is never a issue.
I notice I have been a little sluggish every other day and my ball sack seems to be smaller some days and larger the others. I have now increased my arimidex to 0.5 mg EOD and may taper down again to 0.25 mg EOD depending on my side effects.

I was thinking during week 7-12 with the addition of 50mg anavar I may have to increase the Arimidex to 0.75 since this is my first run with anavar.
Last year during this same time I did my first 12 week test E cycle for cutting and learned I needed to increase my Arimidex dose to 0.5 mg EOD during week 8 from side effects.

Personally I feel like this test E is stronger than last years but then again I was on a hardcore modified keto cut diet with minimal fat and barely any carbs and still had good strength and lean gains also quit DMAA mesomorph PWO cold turkey after 1st test injection. Not sure if I’m allowed to talk about Brand names of gear.
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Don't go by the size of the pill. Go by the mg. The size of the actual active ingredient is tiny.


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Crush it between two teaspoons into powder, and divide it into four with a credit card.

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