Absolved surpress c stack dosing


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I'm gonna start the stack guys, what dosing protocol do you recommend?


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Ab-solved > targeted areas ( mainly tummy i hear people like it at )
split (2 pumps) between morning / night ( if you feel it interferes during sleep, then you will have to adjust )

Suppress-C > i like to avoid absolved areas where i had applied .. but def can mix them in the area but i dont feel the need to. Arms/top of your feet is very common
same protocol 2 pumps split them up.

Very underrated fat burning stacks .. i spoke with best price nutrioion store employee and they stated that people love the stuff.

Again .. you can start at 1 pump for both product for maybe 3-4 days, make sure you dont get skin irritation or anything .. if all good, up it to 2 pumps .. dont need to go higher but you can def go up to 3 pumps .. but i felt 2 pumps each for 8weeks is a solid stack.

Always monitor stuff your self as in if you are seeing skin rashes, interfere with diet/sleep ( it shouldnt but if you find it happen .. start to rule out stuff )

Best of luck.

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